カナダ1年留学 Mさん

It’s already been three months since I came to Canada. The Christmas season is slowly approaching, and the houses around us are starting to decorate, and the streets of Victoria at night are so beautiful. Recently, my daily routine has been to sit on a bench and talk with my friends while watching the downtown lights up after school.

This month, my host family and I went to see the production of “The Wizard of Oz” by the opera. It was my first time to perform with opera overseas, so I was overwhelmed by the power of the songs and the dancing. There were some parts that I couldn’t understand in English, but it was really great. I also went to the beach. Victoria often experiences light rain, but on this day it was sunny for the first time in five days. The air was so clean that I couldn’t experience it in Japan, and it felt good. I was able to meet new friends there. I once again realized that the quickest way to make friends is to not be afraid of anyone and have the courage to talk to them. I’d like to continue to try to take action on my own, even in small things.

Now that I’m in my 3rd month, I’ve been feeling a lot about how happy I’m with my current host family. There are quite a few international students around me who change their host at this time for various reasons such as it doesn’t suit them or it’s too strict, but so far I’ve been able to enjoy my life without any complaints. Everyone in my family is kind and funny. I was able to realize once again that I am truly blessed with a wonderful host family. About two weeks ago, a Mexican girl came to my house as a new roommate and I’m very happy. By the time I get back to Japan, I want to be able to have a relationship where we can always laugh together. At the same time, I’d like to improve my English skills to the point where I can communicate happily. Before I came to study abroad, I thought that I would be able to speak English naturally if I went abroad, but now, three months later, that hasn’t happened at all and I realized that I really need to put in the effort. Therefore, at school, I’d like to be able to speak English with Japanese people and make more Canadian friends. Right now, I try my best to watch foreign YouTube videos before going to bed, and if I see a word I don’t understand in a movie, I immediately look it up and write it down. Next month is the one I’m most looking forward to, Christmas!