カナダ1年留学 Mさん

It’s already been two months since I came to Canada. I can’t believe it  that each day passes by so quickly and there are only 8 months left. In late October, it was very cold, with temperatures around 5 to 10 degrees even during the day, and now I regret that I should have brought more winter clothes.

I have already gotten used to school life and am enjoying going to school with my friends every day. What I enjoy the most is being able to relax and talk with my friends during lunch time.

Compared to when I first arrived here, my vocabulary has increased and I am gradually able to understand what my family, teachers, and friends are saying. Also, when I have a question or something I want to ask, I feel like I often just say it out loud without even thinking about Japanese. However, after two months of being together, my friends would get excited and have deep conversations, and each time I would think to myself, “I have to say something!” But I still couldn’t keep up with the fast-paced conversations, so I kept quiet. There are times when I feel overwhelmed.

At times like these, I try to remember to smile, dance, sing, and communicate with others. By doing so, I will naturally enjoy myself even if I can’t keep up. I also think that when my friends invite me to hang out, it’s a chance to improve my English skills, so I always try to go unless I have something important planned.

In October, there were many events that are difficult to experience in Japan.

Eating a big chicken at thanksgiving, playing music and dancing at the school’s Halloween party, going to a friend’s birthday party, going to an ice hockey game, etc. My family and I went hiking on the weekends in the mountains about an hour’s drive away, and on days when we had free plans, we invited friends over to our house for a party. It was a very fulfilling month.

My time abroad, which I am enjoying and feeling a little more relaxed about, is gradually coming to an end. I would like to do my best to become closer to my host family and create many fun memories. Also, without having to learn English. I have more fun events waiting for me in the future, so I want to enjoy them to the fullest!




来たばかりの頃に比べれば自分の中のvocabularyが増え、家族や先生、友達の言ってることが少しずつ理解出来るようになりました。また少し疑問に思ったことや聞きたいことがあったら何も日本語など考えず、ぱっと口に出しているということも多くなった気がします。しかし2ヶ月もいると友達同士で話が盛り上がったり、深い話をすることもあり、そのたびに自分も何か話さないと! と思ってはいるものの早いテンポの会話にはまだまだついていけず、黙ってしまう時があります。そんな時は笑顔を忘れずに一緒に踊ったり、歌ったり、コミュニケーションを大切にするようにしています。そうするとついていけなくても自然と自分もその場にみんなといることが楽しくなります。また友達からの遊びの誘いは英語力が伸びるチャンスだと思い、大事な予定がない限り絶対に行くようにしています。


thanks  givingで大きなチキンを食べたり、学校のHalloween partyで音楽を流しみんなで踊ったり、友達の誕生日会、アイスホッケーの試合を見に行くなど。家族でも週末は車で1時間ほどの場所にある山でハイキングをし、予定が空いてる日は友達を家に呼んでパーティーをするなどとても充実した月になりました。毎日が新しいことだらけで本当に今海外にいるんだなーと感じることがよくあります。