ベルギー留学 Mさん

I’ve already spent 6 months in Belgium. I can’t believe that because it passed really fast. I’ve been going well here. It became less cold recently and gat longer daylight hours. So I feel better than before.


This month has been one in which I have made an effort to participate more in class. In history class, my favorite subject, I try to prepare for class so that I can understand the material handed out. The teacher rarely writes on the board during class, so I have to summarize what the teacher is saying on my own. The teachers speak so fast, combined with the difficulty of spelling French, that it is almost impossible for me to take notes. I would like to believe that my French is better than before because I have been learning a lot from a friend at school these days. The girl is also interested in Japan and the Japanese language, and I enjoy talking with her. In PE, I am a little depressed because we have started training for the triathlon at the end of the school year. The training for the running part that I did last time was pretty tough and I don’t want to do it again; I was made to run 200 meters as fast as I could several times and run 1000 meters in a relay style, which was very serious.

〜host family

In Belgium, Carnival is held in the second half of February in several cities. I went to the carnival in Malmedy with three host families and four friends. It was a very lively place with people playing musical instruments, people throwing oranges, and people performing in bizarre costumes. I was constantly amazed by the things happening one after another that would be impossible in Japan, such as carnival performers beating spectators’ butts with sticks and messing up their hair, but I loved the atmosphere, which was very Belgian. After the carnival, we all had dinner together and it was a very nice day. My host families keep in touch often, so even after changing families, we sometimes participate in events together.

During the two-week Carnival break in late February and early March, I went to Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands with my host family. There was a Brazilian person living there who was hosted by my host mother, and we stayed there for three days. The famous fish and chips were very tasty, and the buildings were very different from both Japan and Belgium, making it a very nice country. The topography of the country is not very high and low, so people often use bicycles to get around. I could see the sea in about 15 minutes by bicycle, and I enjoyed sightseeing more places in a shorter time than on foot. There are many Japanese restaurants in the Netherlands, and we had lunch at one of them. The food there was really close to what we eat in Japan and delicious, but they were so expensive that I didn’t want to believe it. Living in Japan, it is not easy to travel to foreign countries, but in Europe, it is relatively easy to travel to different countries, which makes me jealous.

With only 5 months left, I will try to be a little more serious about my French, as it would be frustrating if it remained scarce.