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外国語コース 1年桜組日誌② We went to Asakusa to interview foreigners

2016年6月30日15:02 |

625日(土)の午後に、外国語コースの生徒たちは、浅草に行きました。7月に行われるイマージョンキャンプの練習として、今回は浅草を訪れている外国人に、"What is the difference between Japan and your country?"を中心に聞きました。以下が、参加した生徒たちの感想です。

"I felt foreigners have many opinions and good smiles.  When I wasn't able to ask questions smoothly, they asked me many times with smiles.  And they answered the questions carefully.  I had a good experience."

"I felt so nervous interviewing foreigners in Asakusa.  But I enjoyed interviewing them very much.  I think it was an unforgettable experience!"

"I saw many foreigners, especially French people.  I'm sure they love Japan and they told me that Japanese are kind. (Sushi is popular in other countries too!)  Yes!  I think they were kind, as well.

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