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TJG English Clubは、ネイティブの先生とマフィンを作りをしました。

2018年6月 6日10:30 |

In April, the English Club made muffins with the help of the native English teachers, Miss Khaey and Miss Saffron.

They discussed it as a club beforehand and decided they wanted to make chocolate muffins and vanilla muffins together. They worked together to split the duties and carefully follow the recipes to make the muffins.

The students also had the opportunity to speak to Miss Khaey and Miss Saffron in English. They asked questions about the muffin recipes and also enjoyed general English conversations with them.

The club members followed the recipes very well and were happy and proud to taste their muffins once they were finished! They then worked together to clean the kitchen, while still communicating in English with each other.

The students had fun and were able to read and speak English with each other and the native English teachers.

English club muffin making2.jpgeng24.jpg

English club muffin making3.jpgeng4.jpg