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2018年2月26日18:00 |

Hi! How are you doing ? I’m doing good. How is the weather there? It’s been very cold here in Oregon.

It’s been four months since I came to the USA, I’m on winter vacation now, and I think christmas is a really big deal during the winter vacation.  I want to talk to compare Japanese Christmas and American Christmas.Let me give you some examples; Christmas trees are  necessary item around Christmas in every country. Typically, most Japanese families have Christmas trees made of plastic, but in the United States, there are families who buy genuine live trees every year- even today . There are even specialty shops for trees. The shops can be stores or you can go to a farm and cut down a tree. There are a few other interesting Christmas traditions as well, For example, Children often take pictures with Santa at shopping malls. Additionally , all the good movie of that year are screened in theaters around Christmas , so some people go to see movie around this time .  I watch Christmas movies with my host family every day during winter break! Food is also very important.  For Christmas, Japanese people have a strong image of certain Christmas foods: Fried chicken and cake . In our  image of overseas, typical Christmas foods include turkey, ham, gingerbread, and cookies.  People bake holiday cookies and share them with their friends and teachers.  My favorite was the butter cookie with sprinkles.

However, there are many other kinds of depending on the family and religion. I decorated a gingerbread house with my host family.  There were all kinds of candies to use. There are also various kinds of pies. If  you want to  learn more about differences between Japanese Christmas and American’s. I recommend one movie for you . It is The Holiday. This movie is very popular in America.  My host mom showed me this movie.