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I've been here for about two months.

New Zealand is still hot. So I spend in short sleeves everyday.

I think the biggest event in March is Rotorua trip. This trip's memory will remain my mind forever because it' was include Japanese member of back to Japan soon. we went to Rotorua on March 16th and17th by school bus. We used two school bus because all Japanese member is15.We were singing a song while listening to loud music and high spirit even in the car of first day. What impressed me was spaand agrodomeand Tamaki Village. We only could stay there for 2 hours. But I talked with foreigner about many kind of topic and we played beach volleyball with them. It was great fun. Also, had hot bathin there and I soak in warm water for the first time when I came to New Zealand. In agrodome, I saw the show of the sheep and came into contact with the dog and the sheep.

And then, I took pictures with them. I saw the sheep when sheared wool from the sheep. And I touched a coat of sheared sheep. It looks bit poor but I could saw the show nearness. So It became good experience for me. Also, in Tamaki Village, I saw the peculiar dance of Maori and I ate a dinner in there. The dinner was a buffet. And It was so delicious so I ate too much. When we return to the accommodation from there by bus, I was able to enjoy. Because, this bus driver was good company.

Through the experience, I could learn new culture and deepen the friendship with my friends, also, I could get rid of tiredness and I could think I would do my best in the future. So I'm happy I went to there. If I will have chance to go to there again, I want to go.


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