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2019年4月 2日08:00 |




I spend about eight months in Canada.

It feels like cooler and more pleasant in this month. I think Kelowna has four distinct seasons, therefore it begins spring season from middle of March. In spring, many flowers and plants come into bloom and its usual fair weather in Kelowna, but I think this still cold around the begging of the March. Also, I tried to begin the running in begging of the March because of weather and temperature are suitable for sports. I found out different new things, also it changes of pace for me and made me happy.

My school started spring vacation from middle of this month. During this vacation, my grandmother and great aunt came to Kelowna for meet to me. Also, I went to Vancouver and Victoria with them. We have never gone to both countries, so we did not know how to use transportation such as a seaplane and Vancouver has sky train which Kelowna has not it. I researched how to use sky train, but I just know how to buy ticket, so we had to ask to someone about these things. Every time my great aunt asked to someone such as hotel employee and restaurant’s staff. Then I knew about my English is still immature and I’m keenly aware that my English skill is still immature right now. Also, my great aunt has active personality cause by she lives in America for over thirty years, therefore she can ask to someone from herself.

In this travel, I learned so much things included English from my grandmother and my great aunt, and my great aunt said you should more active in this country. I have left just three months in this study abroad, so I will be more active and fun while I work so hard from next month.