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I spent about 1 month in New Zealand and I was surprised myself. Now, it is summer in New Zealand. So,I illuminated by the sun every day. 

Although 1 month of the 10 months, I had to go take in many place. For example,  beach and  shopping mall ,zoo and so on. 

Especially, I was very excited  when I went to the beach. Every time after entering the sea,my host family is bought for me the ice cream.

As one expected,there is also the fact that foreign countries,It is very large one size. So it is hard only to eat.  Also,in school I'm struggling every day because,

I still have many things that I don't know . But, instead of struggling,I think I can spend a fulfilling days every day better than when I spent in Japan. 

Particularly, my favorite subject is Art and sewing. In classes of sewing, now I based on image of 1980's  costume, I'm thinking design of costume myself.

 In classes of Art, using the various functions of  the camera, I taking many kind of pictures. Both of subjects, I can to learn expert knowledge.So, it's very fun.

Also,these days in school, I participated one of event. The event was Athletic Festival. This event is indispensable in senior high school.

 It was conducted separate four group for each color and name. We dancing and singing for each group and it was in full swing. All students are very gentle and 

friendly and I can made new friends through this day. So, I think it became a good experience. I am between the past month, I touched on it's variety of

 the culture of New Zealand, and I had many good experiences. As one expected, I sometimes still confused, but I really appreciate that I was able to

 study abroad in here. The remaining nine months, I think I will spend not to regret.