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Food techの授業では日本料理を作ってみたり、中国語の授業ではLanguage perfectというアプリを使って勉強していてNZの他の学校の人達とスコアを競ったりしてとても楽しいです。そのアプリには日本語のカテゴリーもあり時々先生やクラスメイトが日本語の問題に挑戦して分からない問題を聞きに来るので教えてあげたりしています。

ターム2になり最初は少し不安を感じたりしましたがDeanの先生やinternational directorの方が休み時間などによく様子を聞きに来てくれるので不安になることもなくマリストでの学校生活を楽しんでいます。

生活面では今月からマリストの日本人の友達に誘われて、毎週金曜日に学校近くのYouth groupに参加するようになり、学校外の友達も増えました。

Youth groupには学生を中心に色々な年齢の人が集まり一緒に夜ご飯を食べた後、小さなチームに分かれて今週あった嬉しいことや、悲しかったことなどをシェアしたあとにゲームをやったり、歌を歌ったりととても楽しいです。

チームメイトには日本人の友達もいますが、Youth groupではお互い英語で話しています。



I thought this studying abroad is so long but it's so fast days.

In the Marist is started term 2.

Study is hard but I can feel fun when I talking with my friends.

In the Food tech's class I was try made Japanese food. Chinese class we use Language perfect and we compete score with other school in NZ it's so fun Language perfect is have Japanese categories and sometime my classmates and Chinese teacher trying Japanese question if they can't solve question they come my desk and ask me and I told correct answer.

when first week on term 2 I felt worry but Dean and international directer often see me and they ask some question and I can talk about my problem so I'm to be can feel fun and I enjoy marist's life.


 In private I started go to Youth group near the Marist invited by a friend on every Friday and I can make friends out of the Marist.

Youth group have many old guys and we eat dinner together and we separate small group and we sharing about "How was your week? " "what happen this week?" and singing song, playing game it's so fun.

teammates have my Japanese friend but we talking in English in the Youth group.

nowadays I became can talk smooth with my host family or marist's teacher and friends it's so happy and I want to be more well English I will trying more hard.


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