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フィリピン短期留学 ジブリの森ミュージアムに行ってきました。

2018年6月 8日15:00 |

Yesterday we took the three students and their teacher from the Philippines to the Studio Ghibli Museum. The Philippines students and their homestay buddies were able to bond with each other while exploring the museum. またkThey saw many of their favorite Studio Ghibli characters and watched a unique Studio Ghibli movie.

After we finished at the museum, the students, Miss Kathleen, Miss Khaey and Miss Saffron walked through Inokashira Park to get to the station. We saw a traditional Japanese shrine. The students were able to experience Japanese popular and traditional culture and had a fun time. (グローバル担当 ケイ)




帰りは皆で井の頭公園を散歩して吉祥寺駅へ向かいました。井の頭公園にある神社にも立ち寄りましたので、生徒たちはpop culture

traditional culture(伝統文化)の両方を体験できたようです。

とても有意義な放課後のアクティビティータイムとなりました。(訳:グローバル担当 渡辺)