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2018年4月23日10:00 |

A month has passed since I arrived in Australia. From before entering the country, the days of unexpected change continue. Originally I was worried whether I could adapt to it or I could not adapt and it was not easy to spend mentally and mentally and I could not spend fun, but gradually solved thanks to the warm family and senior international students. But of course it also comes across walls. In my case, there was a time when my family, senior international students gently comforted me, although I had a chance to cry from impatience and inferiority feeling due to the absence of listening abilities, I got involved in practicing. I was the moment I was left to these people at this time and I was determined to grow. For that reason, even if the listening ability still does not rise, I remember phrases in everyday conversation and remember what I can remember words.

Ironically, I have an allergy to English, I have been suffering from guilt when I got into a time when I do not improve but here it breaks down, because they support them, meaning of study abroad will be lost and overcome I'm seeking a law. `