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2018年4月23日09:00 |

New Zealand is still summer, but morning and night are very cold

Also, recently, the strong rain is getting more and I feel excessive coldness

I went to a city with my friends this month and went to a nearby mall, went to a host sister water ball match or went to see an elementary school sports festival host mother 's working

Host sister water polo team also belongs to two of my friends of Kiwi and they talk to me when I go to watch the games and I am very happy to be friends very much

The competition which I am doing at Marist college and the elementary school sports festival where host mother works is very different and fresh compared to that of Japan

Also, at my school there is a Family Festival, which is divided into groups such as 'Japanese', 'Chinese' etc. on a preference basis, showing songs and dances according to the music of the country (Japanese team was showing off the Soran clan ) A restaurant nearby sells food and sells food, people from various schools and people living nearby came and it was very crowded

in addition to the Family Festival, I am looking forward to having an event like a cultural festival





私の通っているMarist collegeやホストマザーの働いている小学校の運動会でやっている競技は日本のものと比べるととても違い新鮮でした

また私の学校ではFamily Festivalがあり希望者制で「Japanese」「Chinese」などのグループに分かれてその国の音楽に合わせて歌やダンスを披露したり(Japanese teamはソーラン節を披露していました)近くの飲食店が屋台を出して食べ物を売ったりしていて色々な学校の人たちや近くに住んでいる人たちも来てとても賑わっていました

Family Festivalの他にも文化祭の様なイベントがあるのでとても楽しみです