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2018年4月20日13:30 |

I am studying in Canada since January 21.

I was very nervous but my host mother, my friends and my teaches are very kind so I am having a good time now.

February12 is family day so that week is long holiday! It  was enjoyed.

First my friends came to my house. We made pizza. My host mother taught us how to make pizza so we could make  pizza. It was delicious! Then we talked about many things. It was funny.

Second I went to snow shoeing with my host mother. It is very difficult but I saw beautiful scenery and wild squirrel so I was enjoyed it. My host mother is very kind so she was guide in forest to me. She found Bear s footprint and squirrel s house. After that we went to mountain hut and I drank hot chocolate. At that mountain I talked to a clerk. She was very kind and interesting. 

Thread I went to shopping mall with my friends. We ate lunch. I ate rice and chicken. It was my first time to eat rice in Canada.   It was good holiday!

My school is interesting becouse they come from many countries so I learn other culture and I made a lot of new friends.

Next month, I go tostudio 9 so I am nervous but I want to do my best.