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2018年4月16日17:00 |

Hello. My name is Kurumi. I’ve been in America for about 2 months. I’m going to write about the differences of conversation between Americans and Japanese.

     “How are you?” “How’s it going?” “Did you have fun?” In America, I hear these words numerous times every day. At first I had no idea how to reply it. Why do people ask such boring questions? If I answered “not good” “kind of”, they would be concerned about me so I can tell just a good feeling.

    It looks weird for Japanese because Japanese think Americans speak everything they think frankly, but I think Japanese say their thinking rather than Americans.

    Americans around me are really friendly. They praise and compliment someone who did nice things, such as getting to first base in P.E class, or wearing a pretty beanie. We Japanese seldom express our feelings like ”I really love your hat!”. However, they say negative words frankly like “I can’t understand so I’ll give up,”. My friends in America don’t say such lazy things.

     I think some Japanese misunderstand about  the character of the Americans. The unique character is not from trying to stand out! You can discover your true character through being nice to others. The greetings I mentioned are good examples.

       I would like my friends in Japan to know how important it is to be nice to others and to realize that you don’t have to complain to stand out.






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