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2018年3月 2日10:45 |

I am studying abroad at  Kelowna of British Columbia. The first abroad and first studying abroad for me. There were a lot of things I was not used to. But now, I am used to speak and hear English everyday.

Sometimes, I go out to dinner with my host family to eat sushi.I surprised at there are a lot of sushi restaurant in KelownaAnd I go to library, market, shopping mall on a holiday. Last saturday, I cooked curry and rice by myself.

I thought that Canada was very cold, but, unlike Japan, there were many days without wind. And there are many points that I should learn including the culture.For example.Olympics in winter, and an event only in Canada, a heavy snow, laungageBoth French and English.Cross-cultural succeededThe children of  host family enjoyed japanese toys.

 In addition,I can learn French except English. I am learning French in high host sister go to French school.I can understand her French sometimes.

To make sentence in English that became easy for me. My English vocabulary has improved.