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2018年3月10日11:00 |

I left for Australia from January 19th.  At the beginning, when I arrived at my host family's house, I was at a loss for what they were talking about.

My host family keeps early hours, and there are a lot of rules, especially I should not eat chocolate.  As usual I fell asleep late at night and it was not very early to get up. My favorite chocolate was forbidden to eat because it would be full of stomachs. I felt frustrating. But I think the host family 's life rhythm is very correct.

Around the third day of my study abroad, a foreign student under age from Korea came in and I was surprised to hear she was speaking good English. Thanks to her, I got to know some words I did not know. Not only the words, it was good that I gradually got to be able to understand a little when listening.  I also want to make efforts to become able to speak after myself.

My school has students elementary to high school, and the number of people is quite large. Since classes are elective classes, there is no opportunity to make friends with locals in the moving class all day. I am selecting physical education and Japanese. In Japanese classes, I only translate Japanese into English, so I will study English.

We have lunchtime twice at school. For the first time, after the second hour of classes, we have a 20 - minute break for sandwich, and the second time it will be lunch time of day one hour after 4 hours of lesson. When that is over, the class starts in the first hour while fighting drowsiness in the afternoon. Entrance is finished by lesson every 5 hours a day.

On Saturdays, we will definitely go and see host sisters' basketball practice matches on holidays. When I was in junior high school, I was in the basketball club, so I watched the rule of the game and what kind of play they played, I felt nostalgic.

On Sunday I went out with my host family and went shopping, going to the zoo, seeing koalas, and going to the Gold Coast.











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