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2018年3月10日10:35 |

 I have stayed in America for 5 months. I have gotten use to life in America and  American new year is purity different from Japanese new year because, there is a longer winter vacation with a more festive Christmas. But Japan has a more festive new year though America sets off  fireworks to celebrate, also that most americans stay up till midnight but, my host family likes to go to bed early.  Last year when winter break was over I went back to school and met new american friends and they like to tell me a lot that I am going to Japan because I go to a Japanese high school. Than in June I need to go back  Japan with my school. Than they told me that I don’t have to go to a japanese high school, I can stay in America because I already know Japanese. I was happy about staying but, was sad that I was going home. My host family includes a kind mother,  athletic twin boys who 7 years old, a jumpy 5 year old girl, an excited dog and two silent fish. I especially like to discucuse school and friends with my host family. I like staying with my host family because they are all super nice. I like to play with the 3 kids in my host family when they play tag and on their ipad.