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2019年4月 2日08:03 |






It has been exactly tow month since I came to New Zealand

Im very surprised about spend two month already, but I thought that I can catch before.

In Japan, we have something called clear autumn day but I felt in New Zealand autumns strong point is cloudiness on many and the rain falls on many a short period of time.

I went to trip cant without high school event.

A place is Rotorua resort famous Maori culture. I saw Moris performance and we can experience. Also, famous ice cream in Rotorua. we ate it and very delicious.

My favorite subject is dance and homemaking. In dance class, we separately group arrangement of a dance and announce. In homemaking class, we separately and choose make food harmonize report then, we are making mutual cooperation. Im very enjoy both time because we do real.

I start join water polo club this month. Practice is hard but I will do my best with English.


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