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2018年2月28日15:15 |

One month have passed, I’m getting used to it.

 At school, of coarse I’m taking a class and also watching movie in English, researched about Winter  Olympic or World Heritage. Teacher was told me what do I have to research, so that made me easy to make presentation. And I could take it easy on presentation. In private, I went to other home stay or shipping mall. Sometime my host mother took meskate and movie theater. I watched it in English, I could understand the story but words were  a litvit fast for me so it was difficult to understand everything.

 Mainly, I spending good time. But there were some big and small happening were happened.

Small happening was happen when I was washing the dishes. I tried to help by wash the dishes but I slipped the dishe and I broke two glasses. From that day, I’m afraiding to wash the dishes.

Big happening was happened when I go backed from skate. I lost my wallet on the way to home. And I realized after two days. Fortunately, there were few money in it but I couldn't find yet so I’m sad. I hope my wallet will come back.

 Sometime I still lost on my way to home and also make some happening, but I’m spending very exciting day. Of coarse I hope nor more happening will happen. There are only one month, I’ll try to go up class, and alsoI’ll do my best !



主には充実した毎日なのですが、小さなことから大変なことまでハプニングもたくさんありました。小さなハプニングは何か手伝いをしようと思い、洗い物をしていたらコップを2つも割ってしまいました。それ以来洗い物をするのが怖くなってます。大きなハプニングは車でスケートに行った帰りにお財布を無くしたことで、大した金額は入っていなかったはものの見つからないのが悲しいです 。