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2019年4月20日09:50 |


さて、学校では春休みが明けてすぐにプレゼンテーションを行いました。前回、長期休暇に入る前にEarth Scienceの授業の一環として各々今回と同じテーマでスライドショーを使ったプレゼンを行ったのですが、今回はGrade 1-4の子たちに向けたプレゼンテーションでした。Grade 1-4なので、プレゼンの仕方も改良が必要で、もっと分かりやすく且つシンプルに、そして飽きられてしまわないようにアクティビティを取り入れることが大切になってきます。私のテーマはfossils (化石)だったので、ポスターで挿絵と共に簡単に纏め、粘土を作り、用意していたスケルトンの模型や化石を先生にお借りして本番に臨みました。前回では正直なところあまり詳しく理解しておらず、予め書いたスクリプトなしでは説明が難しかったのですが、その反省を活かして再度調べ直しました。そして長々としていた原稿も見直し、他の生徒のプレゼンを見習って小さな紙に箇条書きし、ポスターとアドリブで解説しました。当日ではとても楽しんでくれたようで、沢山の笑顔をもらえました。



Good Friday Easter Monday の関係で4日間あるのですが、church に行ったりdinner へ行ったり予定を聞くだけで楽しみです。日本では経験できないようなことを経験し、残り僅かの充実した留学生活を楽しみたいと思います。


The weather has been fine and cloudy these days. It feels like spring is in the air. The sun is so strong that I can feel easily that the temperature is difference between in the sun and shade.  In addition, I heard that sometimes it has stormy weather season. Also, its hard to believe that it is almost 9 months; time passes so quickly and we have only two months left. 

By the way, I had presentation immediately after the spring break at the school.  Before the spring break, I used a slide show for my presentation with the same theme of Earth Science, but in this time the presentation was for Grade 1-4 children. Therefore, it was important problem that I need to improve my presentation by the target age group. For example, I adopted activities children dont get tired of listening, to be easier to understand my presentations information, and simpler. My theme was fossils, so I used a poster with illustrations, made play-dough, brought a skeleton model, and borrowed fossils. The last time I honestly did not understand much in fossils details, and it was difficult to explain without the script. But it made its a better script from the reflection. And I imitated the other students' presentations as good samples.  I used small papers like other students, and explaining them with posters and ad-libs. It seemed to be a lot of fun on the day, and I got a lot of smiles.

 However, since there is still a point to need improving; I would like to make use of what I learned in this time for the last big presentation and finish it with no anxiety. 

 Also, there are four days off at the end of this month.

 I have Good Friday and Easter Monday in this extended vacation. Therefore, Im looking forward to going to the church and dinner in our plans.  I would like to experience something what I can not do in Japan. I will enjoy the rest of my time in Canada. 

 Thank you for reading.