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2019年5月 8日18:58 |

アメリカ1年 Aさん





今月は高校生全員参加の45日のRosario Tripがありました。全てが順調で楽しかったと言いたいところですが私にとっては不運続きの旅行でした。




旅行から帰ったあとも愛用してた手鏡が割れたり便器が壊れたり不運が続いたので禊として夜に1人でミディアムの髪の毛をショートに切ってしまいました。 これ以上何も起こらないことを願います。




On April 14-19, we went to Rosario Trip. This is outs school trip. All high school students have to goes this trip. That was fun and sometimes not really for me. I couldn't get good memory there. Dropped my phone and that's doesn't work anymore, so many ants on the cabin and our bus was broken.... misfortunes came one after another, but was fun. I went to beach with my friends and hang out there, threw a stone at sea.

I talked a lot of students who I hadn't talked before. 

During this trip, two boys exchange students was gone. We miss them and boys miss us too. I still keep in touch with one of them on Instagram.

On May 2, was Music Tour. It mean almost high school students who join music electives(Music Ministry, Bells&Choir)was going to Washington. I didn't go because I don't take music electives. I took yearbook and work study. 

There were only 11 students and only Sophomore and freshman. 3 girls and 8 boys, so school was so quietly. That was Thursday. Next day, Friday was no school because students was gone. I appreciated I didn't join music electives at that time.

I know Japan changed emperor and era name. I can't believe that.

It's almost time when I return back Japan. Sometimes I feel like it's fast, but when I came here, I was so nervous over excited. Nobody knows me and I didn't know everything.

I didn't know what they talk about, I almost cried and missed my family, friends, pets, everything, but when you make your own choices or decisions, it's hard to evade and give up.

It has already 8 months since the day I came here.

There was a time that I felt regretful, but I couldn't easily make any excuse for my own choice. 

It's better for me to handle it alone and bear with it.

But now, I'm so happy. It's true, because I'm only exchange student and Japanese in this school. 

Everyone knows me and I know them too thanks to that. If I have problem or question, someone will help me.

Students has full of kindness. I appreciated meet them and came here as an exchange student.