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2019年5月 8日18:54 |

カナダ1年 Mさん





まず、学校の課題としては、Earth ScienceのプレゼンテーションでGrade1-4の生徒に、先生として自分のトピックについて教えるというものがありました。私は、Measuring Earthquake Waveを担当したのですが、Grade1-4のみんなはまだEarthquake Waveについてあまり知らなく、かなり難しいものでした。ですが、波の大きさを表すために縄跳びを使うアクティビティをしたところ、その波の部分はみんな理解できたようで、小さい子達に教えるときに何に気をつければいいのかなどを知れてとても良かったです。

そして、今月は日本と同様Easter Dayがありました。日本ではあまり盛んに行われる行事ではないと思うのですが、カナダではチョコレートをイースターラビットから貰ったり、家族でイースターのランチやディナーを食べたりするそうです。私は、ホストファミリーとホストグランドマザーの家に行き、朝ご飯を食べました。卵を使った料理やチョコレートなど色々なものがあり、とても美味しかったです。学校で行ったEaster Carnivalもとても楽しく、日本ではできない経験を沢山させていただいていることを改めて実感しました。



Ive spent about 9 months in Canada. I just have two months left until I go back to Japan.

In this month, Canada has many sunny days, but Ive been sick little a bit because every day change temperature so much. Ive been spent long time in Canada, but I dont used to spring weather and temperature, so I need to take care of my health.

I have a lot of homework and kind of events in this month, therefore I felt time goes by quickly.

First, I had Earth Science Presentation for teach my school Grade 1-4 students about my topic as a teacher. My topic was Measuring Earthquake Wave. That was so difficult because grade 1-4 students didnt know about Earthquake Wave, so I wondered they thought difficult and many new words. However, probably everyone could understand and fun earthquake wave activity which use skipping rope for explain earthquake wave that not tsunami. I am glad to know when I teach little children about difficult topic, what I should careful from this presentation.

Also, we had Easter Day same as Japan in this month. I think Japan not celebrate Easter Day so much. Even though, Canada celebrate little a bit big and little child can get chocolate shape of egg from Easter bunny, also everyone eats Easter meal with their family. In Easter day, I went to host grandmother house with host family, and we had Easter breakfast. There was egg meal, many chocolates, and some treats, that was very delicious. Then, I did Easter carnival in my school. My class show game for Grade 1-9 and my job was fishing pond. Little child loves this game, so I didnt have break time during Easter Carnival, but I enjoyed so much, and children was so cute.

I felt time which study abroad; 9 months goes so fast, and I wonder left two months goes fast too. Therefore, I will spend every day so powerful and surely work hard in order to get a lot of skill.