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2019年5月 8日18:52 |

カナダ1年 Hさん









Hi guys. I spent Canada about 9 months. I can stay here about 1 month.  I have to back to Japan soon.

That makes me sad. I will really miss my friends and host family.

This month, I went to bowling with just international students.  I have never played bowling in Japan. So, I am not very good at playing it. I could not throw well.  But, I got a strike for the first time in my life. I was so surprised and glad. And, I had tennis club that day. I played game. So, that day was so busy.

From the beginning of this month, finally tennis club started. Canadians club looser than Japanese club.

Tennis club has twice a week for practice. We spend an hour for practice. Sometimes, we have a game.

We do not have practice on Saturday and Sunday. If we have a game, we ride a car of a teacher. We leave early. The game is playing single and doubles.  A singles game can play just a girl and a boy from the teammate. I think a doubles game is similar to soft tennis game. So, I was not nervous.  But, when I play singles game, I was really nervous because it was for the first time. I could not show my usual self. I was very frustrated. Next month we have a big game. I want to do my best.

I have art trip from May 1st to May 4th. I will go to Edmonton, Alberta state. I have never been to there. I am so exciting. I cannot wait the trip. I want to make many memories in there.

Thank you for reading.