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2019年4月 2日15:35 |






It has spent for 8 months from I came Canada.

And also It has been 8 years since the great east japan earthquake.

I totally remember that moment.

I hope that a tragedy like that does not occur again.

When I was talking with my roommate about disaster of each others countries.

And then of course she does not know about Japanese disaster.

I thought that I must be Japanese. I mean I must not forget that as a Japanese.

That night, I really missed japan. And also I noticed Chinese disaster has an impact on Japanese. I think it is important to lean disaster of other country.

I could find new things and lean culture of other country.

So sometimes we should talk about our countries.

By the way It is spring break right now. I have a lot of time, that is why.

I am study English for TOEIC and pre-level two.

And also I can spend a lot of time with host family.

So I want to have a very fulfilling spring break.

I do not have time for stay here in Canada.

I need to make plan about when I go back japan.

But I actually do not want to go back japan.

It is not I do not like japan. I just want to stay more.

I do not leave from my friends.

I dont want to look back on what I left in the past.

I am going to still do my best.

See you soon.