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2019年3月25日18:15 |

Kelowna is sunny and very comfortable. Several months have passed since I studied abroad, and it has been two weeks left. I feel very short.

But, however I'm able to come to Kelowna and spend a lot of fun with my new friends, studying at school and traveling around the city. Also, my host family is very kind and talk slowly, so I have a good time to listen and have fun. In addition, I'm very happy because it prepares a very healthy meal whether rice is also considered nutrition. At first I was very nervous and I couldn't talk to my host family at all, but as I got used to it I can talk and it's very fun now.

In the case of my friends, I got to IGK and made friends and friends very soon, so I have a good time at school. They also teach me something I don't understand in my studies and they are very kind to me.

Again in studio9, I thought it was a very interesting school. 

Also, it is quite difficult to study hard than the beginning. There is a test every friday but it is very difficult to say what I speak from myself. So I would like to improve my English more in two weeks.

Also, I started ice hockey games and went to see them and had a great time. And there was a slight problems there, and I was wondering what to do, and I was very proud to hear that people nearby were taking. Also, it was a good experience as I went to the venue for the hokey games by calling out various people.

It is still difficult to speak English but, I will do my best in the remaining two weeks.