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2019年3月20日08:30 |






It have been exactly two months since I started study abroad. 

At first I always missed my home town, because I usually got sick. But I have gotten used to this new environment.

I don't want to break up with my host family and foreign friends.  Because, We have become very good friends and host family.

I went to the local high school from two weeks ago. In this place,l took just afternoon class. 

And I had a presentation. 

At first,l was nervous. But,l had a good time.

Presentation was I talked about japanese culture. It was so difficult. And I had so long time.But,It was good. 

My days off and after school are I usually go to window shopping with my foreign friends.

So I talk to with my friends in English. But, Its so funny. And I feel like I'm getting good at speaking English from it.

Additionally, I went to skiing with my host family on last week. It was so difficult. 

But,I had good time,learning English.

I don't have a lot of time left. So I'm going to keep studying hard. Thank you.