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カナダ留学レポート2018* №.13

2019年1月29日09:30 |




年末でいうと、日本は年越しそばを食べることが多いですが、カナダではNew Years Eveのイベントのようなものがダウンタウンで行われ、夜9時には花火が打ちあげられました。年始は、日本では神社への参拝などがありますが、カナダでは特になくゆっくり休む時間でした。


そして、学校が始まり1週目には、Theatre Week という日本でいう文化祭のステージのようなものがありました。芸術学校というだけあり、バンド、ダンス、演出すべてがハイレベルなものでした。そんなステージに一緒に参加できたことがとても嬉しく楽しかったとともに、好きなことを努力しながらも全力で楽しんでいるみんなに、刺激を受けました。



I spent about 6 month in Canada.

This year, it became cold and many people got sick in my school.

Probably I spend end of the year and New year in Foreign countries for the first time.

I was so interested in Canadian culture.

In the end of the year, many people eat toshikoshi soba (year-crossing soba) in Japan.

However, it holds the New Years Event at Downtown and fireworks in Canada.

In the New Year, Japanese go to a shrine to worship.

In Canada, everyone had relaxed time because they had more one week holiday.

I went to the library because my school students have three weeks vacation.

I was so interesting and so fun that I read books such as earth sciences or sciences history.

Also, my school had Theatre Week on the first week of the school.

Cast played band, dancing and act in front of audiences.

Everyone were so wonderful dancing and singing as art school.

I was very pleased to be able to participate in such a stage.

I got motivation from everyone who keep on making efforts while enjoying to like things.