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2018年5月 1日08:10 |

It has been a month since I came to New Zealand.

Although I was a little worried about living the same as Kiwi people, I got accustomed and have fun living quickly.

I go to a school called Marist college, and there is a buddy system that one student of the same year or one year old above the student of Kiwi attaches to Marist, teaching the classroom for each subject, teaching about school rules I will do it.

Other buddies will introduce my friends so we can naturally merge into the class and have lots of friends

The event had a sports festival last month and it was very fresh as it was a completely different way from Japan.

In New Zealand's school there is a house system, divided into four houses "Chanel", "Colin", "Chavoin", "Champagnat", competing for points earned throughout the year

When it comes to the event, I will wear each house color clothes and support

Besides host mothers and host fathers, there are two host sisters and one dog and one cat at the homestay destination

On my day off, I went shopping with my family, and on my periodic5  cut day I went mall with a sister at lunch with a sister

On Saturday I went to Beach with my family

One month has passed since I came to New Zealand and I am accustomed to life and I am sending a very fulfilling study abroad life



私はMarist collegeという学校に通っていて、マリストには留学生1人に同年か一歳上くらいのKiwiの生徒がつくバディ制度があり、教科ごとに教室を案内してくれたり学校のルールについて教えてくれたりします。